Vision & Mission

To become the automatic authority in setting Benchmarks and Standards in the field of Innovative Education to unleash the power inherent in the Human mind and form a Knowledge Based Society

To equip the new generation mentally and functionally for meeting and overcoming the challenges in today’s competitive environment.

The Objectives
To build the mental ability to calculate fast and accurately without using any physical external device, such as abacus, calculator etc.,
To train and sharpen the child’s mental power especially the right brain.
To promote patience, efficiency and concentration.
To train the child to attain Good habit and Positive attitudes.
To train and develop the child’s observation power.
To sharpen the child’s hearing power.
To increase child’s creativity.
To improve the child’s memory power.
To reduce the child’s carelessness.
To expand the child’s faculties
To uplift the child’s moral fiber
To boost the child’s confidence in overcoming obstacle in their mental development.
To help the child overcome his/her phobia of numbers.

Quality Policy
The quality policy of aloha is to achieve customer satisfaction through continual improvements of quality management system and dynamic teamwork