ALOHA Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Course benefits at a glance:

Greater concentration
Keen Listening skills
Better reflexes
Better application skills
Improved analytical skills
Better creative and imaginative skills
Improved reading writing and learning skills
Better Memory
Sharper observation
Self – confidence
Better expression
Better comprehension and calculation skills

This special ability relies entirely on one’s mental processing skills. The program aims at stimulating the children’s right and left side of the brain, making the whole thinking process mode efficient and effective to produce complete and confident personalities who achieve extraordinary levels in various disciplines. In short a brain gymnasium for the young and growing minds.

Won’t this create more burden on the child?
There is no extra burden on the child during the training through ALOHA but due to the fact that the brain gets developed and hence the regular studies also become easier. In fact ALOHA is not an educational institute, but it is a brain development center. World over students are undergoing ALOHA mental arithmetic training without any burden and get knowledge combined with fun and play.Like other training program ALOHA also has books and syllabus but the whole training program is easy and burden less. The child should start taking interest themselves which is the primary motive of any ALOHA center.At the start the child is taught how to use an Abacus – a beaded instrument used for the purpose of calculation. Later on the child is not dependent on the Abacus to do the calculations.ALOHA center presents a friendly and good atmosphere, which motivates the child to come to our center.

Every year National and International Level Competition:

ALOHA Bangladesh and ALOHA International organise national and international level competitions every year. Through the national level competitions younger children get the opportunity to show their talent and gain confidence. Through international level competitions children get the opportunity to prepare themselves to compete global arenas.

Why Children must need to learn Abacus Mental Arithmetic Course?

World is heading towards a Conceptual Age where general academic learning and traditional professional competence is not sufficient to survive in changing working environment. Within next few decades, human expertese will be replaced by  Deep Learning System of machines. So, to compete with this changing environment we need to equip our children with very powerful Mental Health, Retaining Capability and Mental Counting. Deep Learning System is designing based on these powers of Neural Network.

ALOHA Abacus Mental Arithmetic Course not only develop these areas of child’s brain, rather this course develop whole faculty of child’s brain by stimulating their brain’s 100 billions neuron. 

Research Results:

Various researches has performed regarding – how children can be benefitted by Abacus Mental Arithmetic Practice. Few research links are providing here for references.


ALOHA Mental Arithmetic plays a vital role to develop the whole development of the faculty of the brain of the children. The course is designed in such a way that it increases memory power, observation power, listening capability, concentration power, analytical skill and imagination power. As a result children can do better results in all subjects in their school. But this is not the ultimate objective of Aloha course; rather it can help the children in their every work throughout their entire life.

This course is designed in a way to stimulate inborn superb brain capacity of the children and equip them to get most effective benefits from their regular learning from all sources.

We are heading towards the ever toughest competitive age named Conceptual Age. To do best results at school is not sufficient to compete at this age. We need to prepare our children with a developed brain with powerful imagination, observation and creativity.

From 19th century, revolution started to reveal the huge potentiality of younger children brain power. Maria Montessori, the first Italian female graduate in medicine finally started her work to teach the younger children. At the same time she started research on effective education system for the younger children. She dedicated her whole life to teach the children in most effective way. For her great and noble contribution, she was awarded by the Nobel Prize for the year 1949, 1950 and 1951. She said that, we should not determine the future of our children, we should only help them to explore and expand the huge capacity of their brain, we should give them freedom to choice the creative work they like and enjoy.

The objective of learning of younger children should not to store huge knowledge data to child’s memory. We should create positive and lovely environment for them to learn. Learning should not treat as work for them; rather it should treat as fun and game for them. Learning should be most enjoyable moment for the younger children. We should love them, encourage them and give highest recognition for any kind of and any level of success make by them.

In the year 1950 Neuroscientist Roger W. Sperry first revealed that all human beings brains have two hemisphere of their brain. One is left hemisphere and another is right hemisphere. Right hemisphere deals with creativity, memory and imagination and left hemisphere deals with logic, analysis and sequential matters. Our brains start development from right side to the left.

All babies’ brains are miracle. The power of their brain is beyond our expectation. If we can help them to learn in their early age to ignite and stimulate their in-born unlimited most powerful right brain power, their creation and invention can exceed all records of the history of the world civilization.

Human can only use a small percentage of their brain capacity. The only reason behind this is the traditional education system for the younger children which did not give the emphasize and importance on effective early education system for the younger children. A one year old child can learn 100 times faster than a 10 years old child, a two years child can learn faster than three years child. More younger children have the more absorbing capacity in learning. Youngest children use their image brain and photographic memory to learn in their early age. The capacity of human brain decreases in diminishing method.

Effective early education of children mostly depends on parents. They should not think this as work or their duty, they should enjoy this with the children in a very lovely environment like a game. Younger children always get excitement in learning but its not easy to teach the younger children. Parents and teacher should educate them how to interact with the children at the time of helping them to learn.

Medical science has come a long way and today we know much more about the development of child brain and importance of their early life. We should not let our children to fix their future as we want them to be in their future life.

Our children will face the toughest competitive environment in the world. Technologies are spreading in our all daily lives. So, formal and traditional academic education is not sufficient for them to compete at this age.

All development nations like USA, Europe, Australia and Japan are changing their thinking about the early education system of their children. They have realized that the extreme technological development is not the end, now their economy is fueled by the information technology but world is entering into Conceptual Age where conceptual economy will be fueled by creative invention, superb imagination power, high concept and high touch.

All babies are geniuses but they are not same. Each baby has own pace of development. We should not compare our child with other and should not pressure them in the process of learning. The stimulation should be a positive experience, we should not force them to do any activity, we must learn to read their mind what the feel at various circumstances.

The purpose of the future education should not be the creation of with the headful of knowledge but raise children who know how to use efficiently around the brain. Ability to make use of a high proportion brain must be the objective of the upbringing of children.

Parents role are the most important for the children. We should not lie or misstate anything to them because they were born thinking that everything we tell them are truth.

Younger children learn at lightening speed. Doing mathematics is one of the highest functions of a human brain. Children should learn to do math at the youngest possible age because of the effect it will have the effect on their physical growth of their brain and the product of that physical growth what we call the intelligence.